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The Story

"Chasing Sunsets" follows the rapprochement of estranged step-siblings after the untimely deaths of their parents.   The player will navigate relationships and work to gradually uncover deeper events that link the sub-plots together.

The game is intended to be released in 10 total installments, including the Prologue.  Development is at approximately the 50% point as Chapter 4 (ver 0.5) released on Dec 19 2021.

The Game 

Stone Fox Studios has taken a story-forward approach with high render density with higher-than-usual production values to deliver among the most cinematic experiences in the visual novel genre.   In addition to quality art, we have integrated over 80 songs and hundreds of sound effects to round out the player experience.

We have included a number of premium features, such as over 100 in-game achievements, a scene gallery, image gallery, phone system, and soundtrack player.

The consequences of the choices you make will be reflected in a real-time point tracker, and summarized at the end of each chapter with an update on how you did and how it has impacted the people around you.

The Development Team

While this is Kentyrr and Stoya's first creative effort, Chasing Sunsets has been incredibly well-received by the adult game community.   Their focus on delivering quality and focusing on creating more realistic and organic relationships between primary characters has become their trademark style.

Stone Fox Studios
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android
Release date Sep 24, 2020
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorStone Fox Studios
GenreVisual Novel, Interactive Fiction
Made withRen'Py
Tags3D, Adult, Episodic, Erotic, Meaningful Choices, Ren'Py, Singleplayer, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button
LinksSteam, Patreon


Buy Now$9.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $9.99 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Chasing Sunsets Current - Prologue - Ch5
Chasing Sunsets Current - Prologue - Ch5
Chasing Sunsets Current - Prologue - Ch4

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Chasing Sunsets Public - Prologue - Ch3
Chasing Sunsets Public - Prologue - Ch3

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So I will wait for finished game, and will pay more than whatever the final game price is, based on comments below! :)

Hey Developers, I want to send you a big THANK YOU and well done! I'm so amazed that I created an account here just to send you my regards (and 20$).

I totally loved your story & writing - that you've even gone the extra mile for the prologue helped so much connecting with the characters. Especially with Jaye you made a fantastic job in my opinion. And the pacing: Well done! That's why I find this game so high quality: It's not about sex all the time (no worries folks, there's more then enough), but also about anticipation and suspense. Which you nailed!

This plus your beautiful renders makes this game highly recommendable. Thanks again & continue you're great work.


What does a "few hours" mean in the average session? That could be 3 hours only to maybe up to 7 hours?

This is subjective and will vary by reading speed, comprehension, player's preferred pace.  I would say right now it takes the average player 7-9 hours to complete the available content, if they are not skipping through it, and significantly longer if one seeks all of the optional scenes and achievements on all paths.

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I m glad you mentioned not skipping thing dev since you know the prologue is shittiest and stupidiest i had ever seen one,we all know bee and bird not needed to show mc mother or jaye father banging you stupid asshole,oh gosh then that stupid senseless scene of children,it was such a stupid sale,rest of story was good but reasoning for Jaye being bitch is like she is literally born by a bitch,is her mother literal female dog? She deserves to be treated like shit for her stunt but puts blame on mc,and mc has to be nice to her and listen her bullshit ti be a good guy? I know many jeks mc from avn but this is one of best guy,and he has to listen a bitch for her mistakes and appologize,my ass,i would love to kill that bitch,heree she is enjoying the money of mc mother and doing nothing worth and mc leaving for her shits and making life on his own,dang even parents were not cared much enough until last sec,you know badass route sound better,and Jaye deserve to be raped by that guy at that time,i forgot his name but it would be best for her because she deserves someone like him raping her,a bitch should know her place.

Hey dev! Buddy definitely loved your game one of fucking best avn with almost everything in perfect order and nice, best part is mc,a sweet nice looking,workaholic,who works to earn even after being a goddamn billionaire a modest and nice guy,his best part was even not hating character who were acting like a bitch towards him for no reason,and yes definitely talking about bitch Jaye,not liked her for even a fucking single thing,a thousand million flaws girl,act like a slut and hate her for her every word, but it's all okay in the end since we could just ignore and throw her from our life.


Wish that option on ship that to let her die would actually come true but she would be saved frustrating maybe in future when alone mc could kill her by his own hands,would love that

Does the Steam version support Mac?

Not  yet.   Soon!

When is Chapter 6 coming out? I love this story. Read Chapters 1-5 three times.

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Stone Fox Studios has mentioned in a previous post that it will take closer to 120 days for a new chapter.  My estimation for Chapter 6 would be 80 or so days.

Man that sucks. Thanks


Is there no way to save on the android version?

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Love Ch. 5 but sometimes the graphic don't load and I can tell because they don't load on the initial startup.  The screen is black for a long time then the menu will display, but nothing else.

Do you have a very old or slow PC?   Animations are larger files and can stress laptops or file systems that are in bad shape.

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I found the problem.  Believe it or not it was because I didn't have my headphones plugged into the PC.  I don't have speakers and I had been using my headphones for something else.


Just a reminder:   If you have paid for the game, the download links for the latest update should have been emailed to your Itch.io email address.   Please reach out to support@stonefoxstudios.com if you did not receive your entitlement.


thanks for decreasing the price by 1, i'm able to download it now 

wheres the android version?, i already paid for it too, i have to buy it again?

Android version is not complete yet.   It requires additional development time.   We will send out a mail with the link to it to previous purchasers when it is ready.

this isnt cool, its been months since ive been waiting for the android version and still nothing, yet those on pc already have the version ive been waiting for, is the android version ready or still not done, i would have gone with the pc version if i had known it would take this long

Email us at support@stonefoxstudios.net, and we will give you a link to the PC version or refund at your discretion.

Android has caused us persistent issues and we're not comfortable releasing  on that platform until it's up to par.

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I paid 3 to sample, then added 10 to buy chap 4, but I still can't buy the new chapter, even though it let me buy Chap. 4. ???

[EDIT: On the other hand, it let me use the link in the e-mail, so not as important a question, but still a question.]


quick question: I bought Chapter 3. Can I download Chapter 5 or do I have do buy it again?


Curious about this as well.

(1 edit)

i beleve you should be able to!! 

or atleest within the price you bought it for 

Edit: you should be able to install every version thats within $10.99 or what ever you payed thats from that current minimum amount!


I think because I paid $10 previously, it is still locked due to it being $10.99 now, but adding $1 to it doesn't allow access... so I dunno lol

So, if the price increase each Chapter by 1Dollar, I have to buy each Chapter at full price. Or I buy it now at 50 Dollar, so I'm hopefully safe???


nice update!

Hey I love this game, that's why I'm bugging you about the estimated time before the release of Chapter 5 of this game.  Do you guys have an idea about when that is?

Finalizing the beta now.

Will be soon.   Two weeks or less.

Game is great i love the cross over with Lexi its the little details like that , which truly makes this a masterpiece.

Hey bro just want to know what is the release date of chapter 5 because I am very excited to see what will happen in chapter 5. Just keep it up bro you're doing great.

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Guys I just wanted to say what an amazing job you have done with this. Its just the most beautiful story. I think we all know why we play these erotic games ;) but this is just soooo much more than that. I haven't been this emotionally into a story since "Game of Thrones." Its that powerful. You can really feel that love (Jaye and the MC) have for each other and their frustration that comes with not being together romantically. I'm rooting for them and I cant wait to see where it goes next. Again, well done. I loved every minute of it.

Glad to hear you are enjoying it.   We're certainly having a blast making it!

Chapter 5 soon!

i decided to purchase Chasing sunsets on steam to support, as many have said, you truly have a great game in the making already. its so awesome to see developers who go all in on their games. i hope you will include more animated scenes sexual or otherwise in future updates, it would be the cherry on top to make this game incredible!

Thank you for the encouragement!     Fan feedback is what keeps us on target.

I have a quick question about patreon.  When you buy patreon do you have access to chapter 5 or is it available when it comes out on steam?

Ch5 is in final development now.   It will post to Itch, Steam, and Patreon at the same time.

We are considering halting sales on Itch, however, and simply sending  links to future updates to previous purchasers.

Itch has proven difficult to work with.   Their customer support and willingness to transfer sales to developers is questionable.

Great noval all around but I have a question, where they always step sibilings?

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I played the first 3 chapters and loved it so much that I bought Ch. 4. There's a certain depth to the interactions between the MC and some characters that I appreciate that other games in the genre simply lack. I can't even describe how powerful the scene paired with Two Years was. Hauntingly beautiful *chef's kiss*. Looking forward to more~

Thanks for the encouragement!   Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know it resonated with you.


I just want to say, I found this game after meeting Jaye just before she got her favorite selfie. Gave me an interesting perspective on the possibilities during the prologue. Also put me on pins and needles until we got to the boat.

Two of the best AVN stories I've every had the pleasure to enjoy. Waiting impatiently for Ch. 5.

Thank you for the kind words!   

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Is there a wat to get the ch3 in android.. Why is android only at CH4? I'd really like to play it, because the visuals and story looks promising. 

Sadly, we ported the game to Android in Chapter 4.   If we find time between chapter 5-6, I'll try to make the public version available on Android too.

i felt in love with mallory and then when the test came out and said she is sarah cambell, bruhhhhhhhh i was like hell naw hell to the naw

This is a fantastic novel. The visuals are great and the story is one of the best I've read so far. Keep up the good work.

Hands down one of my favorites!  Love the story line.  Never thought about these styles of games, but you got me hooked.  Already been through the game twice to see what happens when I change answers.  Eagerly anticipating Chapter 5 on steam.  Thank you for the great work!

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Played 1-4 in one day and I can't wait for #5! The writing for this is crazy good!! I laughed out loud several times relating to situations that I had also experienced with my wonderful encounters with beautiful women. Thanks for making me remember and please hurry with #5. Any idea when?

Glad you liked it!   Working hard on Ch5.   I'll post a devlog update this weekend.

Never been more disturbed I wish i could been told better before paying how it be I don't I have ever been so upset I will say certainly there love and effort put into but I wish the I known that story could so not my cup of tea o win lose some I guess

If you contact us at support@stonefoxstudios.net I can try to find a way to refund you.

If going insult people can u please to people who deserve it that comment Abt Calvin was uncalled for I may be loins but damn u at least used player name that actually was a dirty player js

Hi, this game is one of my favorites, great story, gorgeous graphics and nice choices. Keeping you totally hooked.

But unfortunately, I can't download chapter 4 anymore. I purchased it on the first of January for 9 $, but now I can only see chapter 3, which I already bought 164 days ago.
And as I am in Germany, I can't wishlist it on Steam :-(

Just loved his heroic dive....

(1 edit)

OK, false alarm, it shows chapter 3 in the purchase view, but when I download it, the file is ChasingSunsets-0.4a-pc .zip.

Calimachus, when the Chapter 4 (0.5) update came out, all previous purchasers should have gotten an email with the new links.   If you did not receive one, email me at support@stonefoxstudios.net and I'll get you an updated link.   I cannot DM you on Itch.

Hi, found the mail, received it 10 days before I bought it again in January. As I can't support you on Patreon, for me the second time is an additional support via Itch for your fantastic VN now.

will you release this for android? I typically like to do visual novels in bed with my phone :P

(1 edit)

Yes...I've added an Android port above.   Some of the UI functionality is somewhat different by necessity, so please report any bugs you come across here, and we'll get to them right away.


Just finished Ch. 4 and I have to say I'm hooked and will be awaiting the next release on pins and needles.  I'm not much for writing, so my reviews are generally short.  With that said I'll say hands down this is the best game of it's type I've ever played.  You folks are doing an excellent job with this so far and I truly believe this will end up as a game all others are judged against.

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I came here for the H-Scenes but I stayed for the Story.

Now, to review this a little bit.
The game uses my favourite type of narrator: the nigh-omniscient first-person narrator. That puts the player at ease because the beginning of the game from the Players perspective is also the end of the story from the Protagonists perspective. The game does tell you that there's very few game-overs (if any) but that particular choice of narration is "show, don't tell" (which works a lot better imho)

What also stands out is how multi-dimensional the characters are and the fact that there's actual character development that respects the player's choices. The angry bitch won't remain the angry bitch for all eternity if you make the right choices - and the game shows (rather than tells) why the characters are the way they are, why they did what they did and why (in those moments) they couldn't help but be themselves - or whoever the player chose for them to be. Unexpectedly thoughtful and self-reflective for an Adult-Game.

The game pulls your heartstrings... in the best and worst ways. It will make you cry, it will make you laugh, it will make you angry, it will make you cringe and it will... excite you. It will find a way into your heart and remind you of itself even after you put it down (due to having reached the end of the currently available content). And while the game starts slow - with lots of exposition in the prologue - I would strongly recommend to stick with it and not skip anything as the later episodes revisit and expose more about a previous plot.

The last (and best) thing that stands out for me (and partially why I started playing it in the first place) is how sex and intimacy is done. The game is certainly ADULT... but it is far more than sex. The game does intimacy, sensuality and the full range from soft to hard intercourse in a way that I haven't seen in any other game.

The renders are beautiful to look at and while they may be slighly stylized, they are close enough to "realistic" to make you forget that they are rendered.

There's only one thing that annoys me. The game isn't available on Steam in my home-country due to the particular laws regarding adult games in my country... so I can't buy it over there.


Thank you for taking the time to write some thoughtful feedback.   This  isn't something a lot of people take the time to do on this platform, so when it happens we're grateful!

We're happy that you see the story-first approach we've taken for what it is.   An unfortunate reality is that all adult games tend to get lumped together and our aim from the start was to do something a little different.   We hope we continue to reward your investment in us with the upcoming chapters!

I agree.  How one must wade through some pretty unintelligible garbage in other VNs, which really are just oure jolly fests, to finally come upon this (and a few others—notably Artemis, Being a DIK, Leap of Faith, College Kings, for example) entertaining AVN. Actually fun and mentally stimulating.

I note that you actually give each character their own voice, so each doesn鈥檛 sound like all the others.  You spend time with character development, so good on you!

And re the intimacy: you allow build up, and you seem to take your time.  Other developers could learn a thing or two about storytelling from you (assuming they would even care).

I will continue to look forward to your offerings, especially this story as it continues.



It can start painfully slow with a lot of expositions... but then Mallory shows up and it's all worth it.  She's a sunrise, awesome job on everything about her.  Still hoping Tara shows up again too, wow.

I paid $9 on top of what I paid $5 before. How do even download the 0.5 version? I clicked that but it prompted me to a We Transfer site which I have no clue how to navigate to download page. 

(2 edits)

WeTransfer should work fine, however I have updated the download links to Mega transfer if it's causing confusion.   

That change is in effect now...Let me know if the download issue persists.

Also, you bring up a good point...My intent wasn't to have people pay whenever there's an update, and to be able to obtain the updates until the game is complete once purchased.   I'll look at how to update the payment model to account for previous purchases while still making older chapters FTP.

EEYU, I can refund you your $9 once you've downloaded.   Just message me.


It is fine. Feel like once this game is fully completed it is damn well worth at least $18 on Steam. Better than most of $25 VN games already. 

Thanks Eeyu...Appreciate the support!

just finished chapter 4. can't wait for chapter 5.

brother can you please tell the estimated date when chapter 4 will release

btw gr8 work done by u guys

Chapter 4 release candidate is in the hands of beta testers now.   We project release on 19/12/2021...Just a few days!

Paid $5 but I cant seem to download the v0.4 windows. I can download the mac version though. Does anyone know what is wrong with the windows link?

Same.  Looks like it's been removed from Mega.

(1 edit)

I'm terribly sorry about that...I've made sure the links are updated.  Thanks for letting us know!

If you continue to have issues, let me know and I'll send you a direct link.


Thrilled to see the link fixed so fast.  I'm still in the prologue, but you've created something amazing.  I'm really enjoying this.

Hey there i just wanted to suggest if u should do a poll or a vote on having the Skip,Qsave,Back,Prefs menu at the bottom for Chapter 4 because it will really help a lot :)

You can summon that menu by pressing the Q key in game at any time.

Thank you 馃榾馃憤馃徑

(2 edits)

Just finished the latest update and oh my alot of work has been put into it really looking forward for Chapter 4, any most likely dates for it to release on ?.?!!


Chapter 4 is the mid-story checkpoint and it's a pretty big one.   In general, we really try to stick to the 90 day update cycle, so following Aug 28 for Ch3, I'd guesstimate the end of November.   Glad you enjoyed it!

damn thats far but i know it鈥檚 definitely worth it, I appreciate the reply 馃挴


I wish it was faster, but Kentyrr and I both have full time jobs, and most images take an hour or more to render on a dual RTX 3090 system.   Considering the average chapter has 1300-1500 individual renders in it, it takes our development rig about 62 days of nonstop image cooking not counting any other development work.   If we do a game after this one, we may opt for lower image quality so updates can be faster.

Totally understandable, good luck on everything 

The game is amazing, I enjoyed it so much. I would love it if you two could do this full time. I'm rooting for you guys!

Why do I have a feeling that Mallory somehow will be the antagonist in this story ?

Probably because she has the most open questions around her.   Most of those should be answered in Ch4.   We'll see how you feel then!

can鈥檛 wait 馃憤

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